Discover the Competitive Edge That Our Powerful MRP System Offers Small Manufacturers.

Introducing AMS Application Software, where power meets simplicity. Our software equips you with all the essential tools to effortlessly oversee and optimize your manufacturing and distribution processes. Elevate your operations with AMS today!

Precise production scheduling and comprehensive reporting

Consistently provide precise lead times in your quotes and enhance efficiency through real-time reporting.

Inventory snapshot

Avoid shortages, reduce stock levels, automate inventory transactions, access purchase needs, monitor lot details, and much more.

Accurate Scheduling
& Deliveries

Enhance customer satisfaction, assess cost and lead time estimates, reduce lead times, and expedite shipping.

Comprehensive view
of your business

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets! Guarantee smooth communication among sales, production, warehouse, procurement, administration, and finance departments.

Strategic Software to Propel Your Growth

Production Planning

Reap the advantages of precise automated planning and a practical production timetable. Adjust on-the-fly by effortlessly rescheduling manufacturing orders and operations.

Inventory Tracking

Fine-tune inventory thresholds to prevent shortages while also keeping a comprehensive record of all your stock-related activities.

Sales Management

With just a few clicks, you can determine product costs and identify optimal delivery times. Easily send quotes & invoices, prepare shipments, assign confirmed customer orders to your production department, monitor the entire sales journey from quotation to delivery.

Purchase & Accounting Control

Efficiently handle procurement by generating purchase orders with just one click, incorporating vendor details, pricing, and lead times. Harness the power of precise data for supply chain management and anticipate your procurement requirements through proper planning.

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